The original Audi quattro, an instant classic of the 1980's. Released at a time when four wheel drive meant Range Rovers and Jeeps this chunky coupe re-wrote the performance car rule book.

Like every good endeavour it came from an unofficial, unapproved, back-room program by factory engineers who had some inspired ideas about what a high-performance car could be.

Five cylinders, turbocharged and inter-cooled with a five speed gearbox and four wheel drive. It took the rally world by storm. For those lucky few who have driven these cars flat out on dirt you know what I am talking about.

The five cylinder engine has an off-beat, almost V8 throb, punctuated with the occasional turbo whistle, it is pure aural pleasure. As Michele Mouton put it, 'the noise is just incredible'. It's old school locked diffs means you rocket out of corners, all four wheels spinning. Raw, connected and unadulterated sensations. It's absolutely and totally addictive.

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New addition to the garage.. 1988 Audi quattro MB.

New parts ordered including short ratio rack and short shift kit.

Steering rack removed.

Front driveshafts removed and inspected.

New discs and pads have arrived.